Mergers & Acquisitions


Mergers & Acquisitions is one of the principal practice areas of GSG Attorneys at Law. Our Mergers & Acquisitions team provides results-oriented consultancy services to many local and multinational entities involved in the M&A process, with a particular focus on the specific industries involved. These industries include: energy and mining, finance, real estate, insurance, media and entertainment, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, automotive, and telecommunication.

GSG attorneys provide support from the outset of any given venture. We fully support our clients, regardless of their role in a prospective transaction, whether buyers, vendors, firms subject to offers, or project financiers. From the outset, we partner with clients and remain engaged throughout the execution of the transaction. Our range of services covers: planning, preparation, amendment, analysis and negotiation during the due diligence phase; merger agreements; joint venture agreements; consortium agreements; share transfer agreements; share pledge agreements; voting agreements; shareholding agreements; closing of the transaction; obtaining permits and licenses necessary in various sectors; performing all procedures pursuant to these transactions. Furthermore, our attorneys provide intensive and continuous service with respect to the compatibility of company rules and procedures to local and global corporate regulations.

Services relating to Mergers & Acquisitions are performed by attorneys specialised in the areas of Tax Law, Competition Law, Labour and Social Security Law, Real Estate Law, Intellectual and Property Rights Law, Environmental Law, Insurance Law and Litigation.

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