Family Businesses

GSG Attorneys at Law has skilled professionals experienced in the growth management and institutionalisation of family businesses. Our attorneys are able to aid growing family businesses in actualising their corporate growth strategies. We offer assistance from the first step through to the final implementation of corporatisation.

Our attorneys are personally appointed through a careful selection process to ensure that your visions for corporatisation are upheld. Consultancy services offered for family businesses include: establishment of a family assembly, a family council and a board of directors to keep the family moving together on the same course; determination of responsibilities; outlining duties and benefits for the board of directors; and regulation of the relationship between the family council, the board of directors and shareholders. In this context we prepare Family Protocols, Family Constitutions and Shareholder Agreements.

With regard to texts prepared specifically for the family, our consultancy services include:

  • Amending the articles of association of the family company,
  • Forming the work guidelines of the board of directors,
  • Documenting the distribution of authorisations,
  • Verifying the performance system of the board of directors and clarifying the distribution of income of the board members,
  • Creating a detailed development program for the board members,
  • Consulting with the board of directors,
  • Holding the family council meetings, and
  • Evaluating compatibility with the family constitution.

Our attorneys advise our clients on: working conditions in the family business for family members; conditions for family members resigning from the company; regulation of rules of privacy; improvement of dispute resolution models; determination of conditions for transferring shareholding and management; and preparation of company management models to be transferred to future generations.

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