Labour Law

The most important resource for any commercial enterprise is personnel. Conflicts between employers and employees seriously affect the workplace environment. Enterprise is well advised to enlist expert support to help navigate labour law and related legislation in order to maximise benefits – such as new opportunities introduced by recent statutory amendments - and avoid risk due to increases in auditing requirements and labour litigation.

Labour Law Advisory

Our labour law team provide solutions and legal assistance to enterprise across various industry sectors on the following matters:

  • individual and collective labour law in accordance with specific client needs
  • negotiation and dispute resolution in controversies between employers and employees or their respective union representation, if applicable. preparing, drafting and overseeing employment agreements and workplace regulations for particular purposes, including the regulation of confidentiality and non-competition and safeguarding the intellectual property rights of employers.
  • advisory support for the improvement of flexible working models in accordance with the business activity of the client
  • labour law implications from the restructuring and corporate organisation of client enterprise 
  • preparing employee benefit plans which confer shares and similar rights and related applications to government authorities.

Termination and Execution of an Employment Contract

Lawful termination of an employment contract is crucial in order to avoid legal disputes. GSG Attorneys at Law can provide support in all matters concerning the management of a termination - from procedures to be applied during the termination of an employment contract, to organisation of the required documentation. Representation of the client will be undertaken in labour law litigation cases in order to obtain an amenable legal compromise should a legal dispute occur.

Workplace Auditing

In the event your company becomes subject to examination, audit, or supervision by a workplace labour inspector, advisory services can be provided throughout such scrutiny. We will prepare records and documents for auditing, responses to reports in process, and conduct interviews.

Labour Law Advisory in the Process of Mergers and Acquisitions

We also provide advisory services regarding labour law for merger and acquisition transactions for local and multinational corporations.

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