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Competition Law

Competition law is undeniably important when evaluating a decision on whether to invest. The significance of legal support in determining legally compatible company strategies has increased due to strict monitoring and regulation of markets in Turkey by the Competition Authority. Variation in the standards and procedures outlined in competition legislation requires close scrutiny of developments in decisions issued by the courts and the Competition Authority.

Our professionals are specialised in the field of competition law and provide consultancy services for the evaluation of cross-border merger and acquisition transactions in accordance with competition legislation in different sectors of industry. We have a significant depth of knowledge and experience in across various industries, including: the energy and mining, telecommunications, finance, media and entertainment, food, pharmaceutical and medical devices, health, insurance, and automotive. Working in close cooperation with the Mergers & Acquisitions team, our lawyers prepare and oversee transactions which will comply with Turkish competition law. Additionally, our professionals are highly specialised in drafting, filing and tracking applications and notifications to the Competition Authority in accordance with the rules applicable to the transaction in question.

GSG Attorneys at Law offer legal advice and support to local and international companies on competition law issues potentially arising from vertical agreements on dealership, distribution, licensing, franchising, supply, R&D, systems for exemption from competition regulations, firms with a dominant position in markets, cartels, price freezes and price discrimination. Our competition law team also works on evaluating the effects of competition law and rules on intellectual and industrial property rights companies wish to protect.

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Global financial crisis has prompted most responsible corporations to adopt strict corporate governance principles in the international marketplace and most legal systems. It is essential to have in place exemplary corporate governance quality practices in the current global market. High quality corporate governance demands reduced capital costs, increases in financing and liquidity, effective use of resources, and crisis management skills.

Proper corporate governance promotes equality, transparency, accountability and responsibility in corporate management activity. In 2003, in tandem with global practices, the Turkish Capital Markets Board established corporate management principles for public joint stock companies. Under the New Turkish Commercial Code, regulations on principled management and internal and independent auditing were enacted for all companies with shared capital. Currently, professional legal support is often needed for corporate managers in order to comply with the increase in legal rules.

GSG Attorneys at Law provides services to local and international companies on corporate management and compliance requirements in accordance with the New Turkish Commercial Code.

Our attorneys establish internal structures for companies in order to determine the risks potentially facing management. We are available to survey and supervise the execution of all necessary corporate legal formalities. Our attorneys provide legal advice and support on: establishing mechanisms for company management; appointing independent members of the board of directors; complying with the rules for corporate representatives representing shareholders; determining delegated powers and positions; drafting documents, such as internal company communiqués, internal directives and guidelines; specifying benefits for the company board of directors; determining liability regimes applicable to the company board of directors and other business units; organizing relations between corporate management and shareholders; clarifying shareholder rights and shareholder information policies; and outlining compatibility with law for every type of business transaction.

Compliance with Law

GSG Attorneys at Law advises companies on compliance with the applicable laws by reviewing their internal regulations, practices, and strategies.

Our advisory and consultancy services include: legal compliance analysis with the Turkish Commercial Code; market specific regulations; analysing and determining the effects of administrative regulations and compliance programmes for the company; and determining and evaluating the risks and liabilities which may affect corporate governance bodies. Lawyers in our office have performed compliance analysis work in accordance with the New Turkish Commercial Code, Competition Law, Labour and Social Security Law, Environmental Law (environmental impact, chemical waste), and special fields such as personal data protection, consumer relations, and manufacturer liability. Additionally, GSG Attorneys at Law provides compliance training and advice to clients in line with up-to-date corporate governance and anti-bribery laws and principles.

Litigation & Arbitration

GSG Attorneys at Law serves clients in litigation processes related to labour law, competition, intellectual and industrial property, corporate and commercial law, as well as disputes arising in sectors such as real estate and energy.The preparation of arbitration agreements and the follow-up of arbitration cases are among the services offered by our lawyers. During the arbitration process, our clients are assisted in all processes up to decision of  arbitration boards, requesting arbitration, preparation of petitions, etc.

Information & Communication Technologies

As technology plays an increasing role in local and global markets, information technology law regulates many electronic transactions executed daily in the business world. Although electronic transactions provide great convenience, companies must take great care concerning matters of confidentiality.

Our information technology and communications lawyers provide legal advice and support in the following areas: transactions executed in the electronic environment (e-commerce); instruments used during the establishment and fulfilment of these transactions (e-signatures, e-invoices); web content; regulations on servers and related liability; information security, privacy, and protection of personal data in an electronic environment; consumer and intellectual property rights, maintenance and attendance, operation, levels of service, IT outsourced contracts, and licenses and software contracts for technology products. Furthermore, our lawyers follow changes within the Turkish Commercial Code and related secondary legislation concerning information technologies law, as well as European Union law.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

Today, intellectual and industrial property is of high importance in commercial business and transactions, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs and other structuring projects developed within many industries, such as media and entertainment, and telecommunication and technology products. Creating and protecting assets, such as trademarks, patents and commercial secrets, impact the process of creating company policies and strategies. GSG Attorneys at Law have built an expert team for the legal support needed within local and global markets for the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights and their conversion into material value.

Our specialised intellectual and industrial property lawyers provide legal support for a wide range of client needs. These include establishing, transferring, protecting and abolishing infringements on industrial rights, such as trademarks, patents and industrial design. Our team provides legal assistance on the research and evaluation of registered trademarks, patents and utility models before the Turkish Patent Institute, as well as the establishment of rights in accordance with current legislation.

Our lawyers provide services for the following: drafting, amending, negotiating and finalising contracts regarding the transfer of intellectual and industrial property rights; licensing, sponsoring, advertising and brokerage contracts; competition law aspects of licensing; protecting commercial secrets; confidential business relations; unfair competition; and misleading advertising.

Environmental Law

Compliance with environmental legislation and the liability cases related to it are part of the day-to-day concerns of the modern workplace. Creating a workplace that is in harmony with current environmental legislation requires expert advice on the environmental impact of commercial transactions. GSG Attorneys at Law has an experienced environmental law team that works intensively on the environmental aspect of the projects our firm is involved in. We specialise in Mergers & Acquisitions, structuring, project finance, energy and real estate. Our lawyers provide legal assistance in the areas of: environmental impact evaluation, environmental permits and licenses, environmental liabilities, and waste management, paired with the administrative and legal environmental penalties that may arise during diligence and negotiation phases. Moreover, our lawyers perform analytical studies of environmental law compliance of company practices and projects.

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