Protection of Personal Data


Data Privacy Maintenance

Data Privacy Maintenance («DPM») is the Personal Data Management application designed and developed by PwC Turkey and GSG Attorneys at Law. DPM facilitates practical and user-friendly data protection compliance. It is an end-to-end solution on a single platform.



Our Consultancy Services to Ensure Compliance with the Personal Data Protection Legislation

We carry out several projects in various sectors to ensure the compliance of our clients with the applicable data privacy legislation, especially with the Law numbered 6698 regarding the Protection of Personal Data. The main scope of our services is to analyze business processes of our clients and develop advice to ensure compliance accordingly. Our services within the scope of data privacy legislation are explained hereinbelow in detail:

(i) Preparation of personal data inventory and determining the data flow diagrams,

(ii) Detection and analysis of risks,

(iii) Process based analysis to detect the incompatibilities and developing advice in light of the European Union legislation,

(iv) Preparation of the necessary legal documents to ensure compliance with the applicable data privacy legislation (e.g. explicit consents, notification forms, policy on the protection and privacy of personal data, policy on the protection and destruction of personal data),

(v) Provision of audit services and checking the compliance of the client in terms of the sustainability of the project,

(vi) Provision of retainer consultancy services upon the completion of the project in relation to data privacy and other applicable legislation.

The scope of our services within the above scope is determined on a mutual basis with our clients depending on the needs and expectations of our clients. In addition, we also provide consultancy services for our clients having subsidiaries in the European Union member countries in terms of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), as the new data privacy legislation in the European Union.

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