Corporate and Commercial Law

Our Corporate and Commercial Law attorneys specialise in providing legal advice and consultancy on corporate transactions across a wide range of industries. We focus on the many specific issues falling within the scope of corporate and commercial law, such as unfair competition and commercial enterprise pledges. GSG Attorneys at Law also offers comprehensive training and seminar services which offer insight to practices in the business world, particularly in relation to the New Turkish Commercial Code and related legislation.

Services relating to company incorporation and operations

Our attorneys specialised in the Turkish Commercial Code and Foreign Direct Investment law work with careful consideration of client needs in order to establish the most suitable and effective type of company. Local and foreign investors seeking to engage in activities in Turkey can avail of consultancy services concerning the establishment and management of liaison offices, branches, representation offices, distributorship, and subsidiaries in Turkey.

Our firm has deep experience in various company matters, such as: adherence and compliance with necessary company formalities within the scope of the Turkish Commercial Code and Foreign Direct Investment legislation; capital financing; capital increase and decrease; general assembly meetings and board of directors meetings; address and title changes; appointment of managerial staff; and the determination of representative authorities in accordance with rules on effective corporate governance. We also execute many types of commercial transactions involving the Trade Registry, Notaries Public, the Trade & Customs Ministry, and related authorities. GSG experts can help you navigate the application procedures for licenses, permits, and certificates of approval from respective ministries and authorities, especially in specially regulated industries, such as energy and mining, finance, tourism, transportation, media, and pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

While companies carry out their commercial activities, our team of professionals provide legal support in the drafting, amending, reviewing, negotiating, finalising and terminating of various commercial contracts, including: agency contracts, contracts for services, licensing agreements, and franchising, manufacturing and distribution agreements.

Services relating to company disolution (Liquidation, Technical Bankruptcy, and Bankruptcy)

GSG lawyers have extensive experience in corporate dissolution, especially liquidation, technical bankruptcy and bankruptcy, as well as providing a full range of legal consultancy services throughout company incorporation and on-going commercial activities,

Relying on a depth of knowledge of the liquidation process, we assist with the execution of transactions specific to the bankruptcy process, application to the respective official organisations, and compliance with official legal procedures.

Our expert lawyers are able to troubleshoot from the perspective of companies which may be at risk of incurring financial debt arising by virtue of the Turkish Commercial Code and Tax Law. We provide legal advice on technical bankruptcy procedures and help develop alternative capital models to emancipate a company undergoing technical bankruptcy. We can also help implement management and liability systems for companies during this process, and, where necessary, perform legal transactions on behalf of the company.

Companies facing or undergoing the process of becoming bankrupt can seek legal advice and support throughout all phases of the bankruptcy process from our experienced teams of specialised professionals.

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